Life Transition Options

Remaining Balanced

Professionals are trained to ascertain the problem and implement a solution. They may often dedicate more time to their profession than to themselves or their families. This absence of balance can cause professionals to ignore their own problems and needs. AWAKEN offers services specifically designed to make acknowledgment and acceptance of life problems easier so that assistance can begin in a holistic environment.


Health Care Professionals Program (HCP)

The extended treatment provided through AWAKEN Healthcare Professionals Program (HCP) is ideal for physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians, and others in the healthcare field. Healthcare professionals receive treatment designed to address their unique needs, including occupational hazards, medication access, professional enabling, stress, co-dependency, licensing issues, and re-entry into their specific area of practice. The HCP patient is presented with triggers and temptation not usually faced by the general population. The HCP program is designed to help medical professionals resolve issues surrounding their certain dependency and the unique difficulties faced when re-entering practice. The program addresses the demands and pressures placed on healthcare professionals – realities of the workplace that contribute to stress, burnout, depression, and alcohol and drug abuse. The program’s primary objective is to facilitate each client’s recovery and return to professional practice.

Sports - Athletic Program

Admitting a problem can be difficult for anyone, but even more so for athletes. Often beginning at a very young age, athletes are under extreme pressure from family, coaches, fans, and themselves to excel on and off the field. They’re taught to never surrender, never quit, and win at all cost, which may be fine in the game itself. But, off the field, this sense of invincibility can hinder the athlete’s ability to admit that he or she has a real problem, and can, therefore, exacerbate an addiction. AWAKEN offers a specifically designed program that can make an athlete’s problems easier to recognize and accept, thus allowing treatment to begin.


Healthy Lifestyle

AWAKEN recognizes the importance of gender-specific treatment in building skills. An intensive session for women is provided to address issues that women have historically struggled with. Some of the many issues focused on include relationships, sexual shame, parenting, PMS, body image, boundary setting, assertiveness training, and empowerment through accepting powerlessness. Develop coping skills necessary to effectively manage life situations, and form a foundation for long-term healing or just want to maintain a healthier lifestyle. 



Golden Age

AWAKEN recognizes the importance of Golden Age and in building skills to manage the mature time of life. An intensive session for Golden Age women/men is provided to address issues that happen in the later years of life. Some of the many issues focused on include empty nest, relationships, menopause, boundary setting with adult children, assertiveness training with grandchildren, and empowerment through accepting retirement. Patients develop coping skills necessary to effectively manage life situations and form a foundation for long-term living.

Grief and Loss Program

This group focuses on the many facets associated with the grieving process. Patients are gently guided through four weeks of sessions. Patients are encouraged to explore the losses in their lives, often focusing on traumatic loss, i.e., death by suicide, homicide, or sudden, accidental death through art and yoga. Frequently, patients are facing the loss of a profession or a long-term relationship resulting from dependency. Each bereavement is treated as unique, and patients are given the opportunity to explore the connection between their use of unhealthy habits and their avoidance of grief.


Collegiate Program

The Collegiate Program process is longer in length  — from four to twelve-week sessions– there is more time to identify and address unresolved issues (i.e. separation anxiety, homesickness, etc.) Along with a very structured and therapeutic yoga schedule, the Collegiate Program provides groups designed to address issues that either preceded or have exacerbated since arriving at college.


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